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The freeware emulator of the HP 48/49 calculator for Epoc32 and Symbian

Emu48E is a port of Emu48 (by Sebastien Carlier on windows) on Epoc32.
It's an Eikon application written in C++. It works on Psion Revo, Series 5 (ER3 and ER5), Netbook, Osaris, Ericsson MC218 ...
... and now Nokia Communicator 9210 (Symbian 6.0), Sony-Ericsson P80x and P90x (Symbian 7.0).

New in version 1.4 :
  - ROM file selector at startup.
  - Copy/paste real number (Thanks to Dominique Faure).
  - Copy/paste big integer HP49.
  - Keys *,/,+,- are language dependant.
  - German install (Thanks to Rolf Jebasinski).

More informations : readme.txt, liesmich.txt

Previous versions :
  - HP 49G ROM support.
  - Fast display with frame buffer mode (Psion only).
  - 3 different views.
  - Load and save objects from files.
  - Clipboard support.
  - Installation on drive C, D and E (or the three).
  - Skins with white background for low contrast screens.
  - Settings are saved.

HP 48Gx, 'small' view on a Revo :

HP 48Gx, 'medium' view on a Revo :

HP 48Gx, 'large' view on a Series 5 :

HP 48Gx, 'large' view on Nokia 9210 :

HP 48Gx on a P800 :

Notes :

Download :
Note : ROMs are no more included, follow the downloading instructions in the readme.txt, liesmich.txt file.

Source code for those who want to continue doing the work (without any licences, neither GNU) :

Older versions :
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